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TypeScript for complex applications

These days, JavaScript seems to run everywhere. However, as we build larger and increasingly complex applications, the dynamic nature of JavaScripts often means that we have to wait until we run the application to discover the bugs that we’ve introduced, making our applications more fragile and difficult to maintain.
Enter TypeScript, a typed super set of the JavaScript language that enhances JavaScript’s syntax to add static typing, allowing the tools you’re already using to not only find errors in your code before you execute it, but also provide productivity enhancements such as variable and property renaming that you can actually trust. All of this results in more readable and more maintainable code, allowing you to spend more time being productive, and less time in the debugger.

If you haven’t used JavaScript very much, I advise you to check out the JavaScript courses prior to check typescript . You don’t need to be an expert JavaScript developer, mind you. Just knowing the basics should be good enough. Now, once you’ve spent a few hours of your life in the debug console of your favorite browser, wondering why the heck some numeric value is evaluating to True rather than False, that’s when you’ll know you’re ready for typescript coding .

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